Why You Should Be Sure You Don’t Use Drugs or Alcohol When Taking a Forklift Training Course

You might like drinking alcohol on the weekends, or you might have a recreational drug habit. You certainly aren't alone if either -- or both -- of these things are true. However, if you are preparing to take a forklift training course, you should make sure that you abstain from using drugs and alcohol when you're going to be attending classes. Even though it might not seem like a big deal to have a drink or two before going to class, these are some of the reasons why you shouldn't. [Read More]

Trending Storybook Themes For Your Early Literacy Program

The pressure to constantly provide new content and educational experiences can be a real struggle for many daycare providers. Using a relevant, carefully chosen theme to guide your early literacy program is a great way to help yourself as an educator, while presenting a cohesive set of learning materials. Take a look at these trending storybook themes to get inspired. Gratitude Adding more gratitude to your day can lead to a range of benefits for all ages, giving a boost to your mood, resilience, sleep and positive outlook. [Read More]

Three Fundamental Tips for Choosing a Forklift Training Program

If you would like to become a forklift operator for commercial or industrial operations, you should plan on obtaining professional training. This form of training will equip you with the right skills for handling loads on a heavy vehicle safely and efficiently. Also, you will be certified at the end of the course and allowed to operate a forklift legally. Besides, employers prefer forklift operators with professional training because of their higher level of skill and lower risk of accidents. [Read More]

Two Misconceptions About Boarding Schools

There are quite a lot of misconceptions about boarding schools that can deter parents from sending their children to these educational facilities to complete their K-12 education. Read on to find out more and debunk some myths. 1. You'll hardly see your kids  One major myth about boarding schools is that parents who send their kids to these facilities rarely get a chance to see or speak to them during the school year. [Read More]